Oncology Panel B

$2995.00 per panel

Homo sapiens (human)

Product Description

Our Oncology Panel B is the second set of our Oncology Panel. It contains 96 lentiviral expression constructs (LentiSH-Cas9-sgRNA-Puro) that express Cas9 and sgRNAs targeting 70 cancer-associated genes. The backbone confers puromycin resistance and is compatible with both 2nd and 3rd generation lentiviral packaging plasmids, which can be purchased separately.

We believe this panel of DNA constructs could facilitate systematic investigation of the
genetic mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression.

Specifications: The specific genomic coordinates and genes isoforms targeted by each
sgRNAs can be found in this list. The Annotated sequence of the LentiSH-Cas9-sgRNA-
Puro can be downloaded here.

Product Includes

  • The panel is delivered in a 96-well plate.
  • Each sample contains 20 μl of 250 ng/μl transfection-ready and endotoxin-free high-quality DNA.
  • This construct can be co-transfected into mammalian cells with pSH-VSV-G and pSH-PAX2 to produce lentivirus, which can be used to infect and edit genes of your interests.

Oncology Panel B


Recommended Plasmids

We recommend these Plasmids as they are needed to conduct your experiment.

pSH-VSV-G (10 μg)

This plasmid express the envelope protein Env
and is used to package lentivirus.

pSH-PAX2 (10 μg)

This plasmid express the Gag & Pol proteins
and is used to package lentivirus.